Brand history

JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101


processor SiRF Star III, the monochrome screen

Main (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
The built-in camera
Navigation GPS
Navigation (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Processor (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Processor SiRF Star III
The number of landmarks (POIs) 1 000
The number of routes 20
Design (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Built-in antenna
Housing material plastic
Dust - and moisture-proof
Method of data entry keyboard
Dimensions and weight (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Length 90 mm
Width 60 mm
The thickness of the 30 mm
Weight 96 g
Screen (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Screen type monochrome
The screen resolution 128 x 64
Touch screen
Memory (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Memory card support SD
The number of points in the route 125
Pre-installed basemap
Support for raster maps
Support satellite images
Support for maps
Sound indication
Interfaces (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Battery (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Battery type Li-ion
Time 1 day, 8 hours
Working with sound (JJ-Connect NAVIGATOR 101)
Recording sound
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